10-Card tarot reading (celtic cross)

The 10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is an in-depth tool designed for those seeking comprehensive insights into complex situations. This classic spread delves into various facets of your life, offering clarity and guidance on matters of significant importance.

Ideal for Various Situations and Questions

  • Detailed Life Overview: Gain a holistic understanding of your current life situation.
  • Complex Decision-Making: Uncover insights and perspectives for intricate choices.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Explore the depth and trajectory of your personal relationships.
  • Career and Personal Goals: Understand the influences and outcomes related to your professional and personal aspirations.
  • Spiritual Growth and Self-Discovery: Dive deep into your spiritual journey and personal evolution.

How it Works

The 10-card Celtic Cross Reading offers a multi-dimensional understanding of your situation, with each card revealing a unique aspect:

    1. The Issue: Focuses on the central theme or problem you’re facing.
    2. Diminishing/Enhancing or Clarifying/Obscuring the Issue: Shows what may be amplifying or reducing the intensity of the issue, or what is making it clearer or more confusing.
    3. Unconscious Influences: Reveals underlying, hidden forces that might be affecting your situation without your awareness.
    4. Conscious Influences: Represents what you are aware of and how it’s impacting the issue.
    5. Old Patterns, The Old Way: Sheds light on past behaviors, habits, or situations that have been influencing the issue.
    6. New Patterns, Moving into the New: Indicates emerging trends or approaches that are leading you toward change.
    7. Self, Your Feelings and Attitudes About the Issue: Reflects your personal emotions and perspectives regarding the situation.
    8. What Are You Attracting from the Outside: Uncovers external factors or energies that you are drawing into your life in relation to the issue.
    9. Your Desires and Denials: Explores what you truly desire in this situation and what you might be denying or avoiding.
    10. Outcome/Key: Provides insight into the potential resolution or the key aspects to focus on for resolution.

What You Get with Your 10-Card Tarot Reading

A Personalized and In-Depth Experience

  • Personalized PDF Document: Receive a detailed and personalized PDF document tailored specifically to your reading. This document serves as a valuable reference that you can return to anytime.

  • Picture of Your Unique Spread: Accompanying your PDF will be a photograph of the cards that were drawn for you. This visual element allows you to connect more deeply with the reading and the symbols that have emerged from your spread.

  • Detailed Description of Each Card: For each of the ten cards in your spread, you’ll receive an insightful and comprehensive description. These descriptions will explore the meanings of the cards, how they relate to your question or situation, and what they reveal in the context of past, present, and future.

  • Summary for Holistic Understanding: To bring it all together, you’ll receive a summary that weaves the individual card meanings into a cohesive narrative. This summary will provide a complete picture of what the cards are telling you, offering clarity and guidance that addresses your specific needs and questions.

Personal and Confidential: Your reading and the information it contains are treated with the utmost confidentiality and personal attention. This ensures a safe space for exploration and reflection.

Easily Accessible and Convenient: With the reading delivered directly to you in a PDF format, you can easily access and review the insights and guidance at your convenience, wherever you may be.

Price: $75

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