I read a LOT (mostly non-fiction). Here are a few books that have influenced and helped me.  Some of these books I have both in audio and hard copy form.

For audio, I subscribe to Audible and have for several years. I love listening to books because I can listen while walking or at the gym.

I also have a Kindle which I use for fiction mostly. For some reason, I prefer a hard copy book for non-fiction (perhaps because I’m such a fan of marginalia).


book flower


Free Books

I save a LOT of money by checking out my local library before buying a book.  While I definitely want to own some of my favorites, checking out the library first has helped me save money.

There’s a tiny little library down the street from my house but these days, the size of the building has NOTHING to do with your ability to have access to just about every book available to your library.

If I find a book in their database that’s not in my particular library, they can have it to me usually within a couple of days.

Also, some books are available in eBook form and I can check those out online and download it to my Kindle. On the day it’s due, I don’t have anything to return. The library just removes it from my device.  How cool is that?

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