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After working for 20 years in the financial industry with the same company, I was laid off in 2018.  The same year I was laid off, just happened to be the same year I turned 50.

The thought of re-entering the arena of “corporate hunger games” at 50 was something I simply could not fathom. I was done!

While there is a TON of information available to help anyone who truly wants to build a business, build one, it can also be overwhelming.

I’ve created this space as a place I can share what I’m learning as I’m building my own businesses and navigating the next chapter of my life.

This next chapter of my life is about spending my days doing things I truly care about with people I want to spend time with.

Whether you’ve been laid off or simply are going through the motions of staying in a passionless job, I hope you’ll find some resources here to motivate and guide you through whatever your next chapter looks like for you.





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