It's Time you Started Listening to YOU!

Discover the power of your inner voice with my intuitive development services. I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey to unlock and deepen your intuitive abilities.

Through personalized sessions, insightful guidance, and practical tools, we’ll work together to enhance your connection to your intuition, helping you to make more aligned and authentic decisions in your life.

Let’s embark on this journey to embrace your inner wisdom and harness the clarity and direction it has to offer.

deck of tarot cards with candles and crystals
3-Card Tarot Reading

A 3-Card Tarot spread is a simple yet profound way to uncover insights into your life's most pressing questions. Whether you're seeking guidance on a specific situation or looking for general direction, this spread provides a concise snapshot of your past, present, and potential future.

7-Card Flying Bird Reading

The 7-Card Flying Bird Tarot spread is a transformative tool designed to guide you through a year of self-discovery and growth. Balancing the Yin (feminine, receptive) energies on the left with the Yang (masculine, active) energies on the right, this spread provides a comprehensive view of your journey ahead.

10-Card Celtic Cross Reading

The 10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot spread is an in-depth tool designed for those seeking comprehensive insights into complex situations. This classic spread delves into various facets of your life, offering clarity and guidance on matters of significant importance.

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Intuitive Coaching

Coming soon.

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